The Full Moon Med Fest is a beach-adjacent celebration inspired by Thai tradition. Produced by Glam Life Events and Made in Italy Music, it is a touring event where the typical full moon party experience is recreated into a one-day festival setting and format
After the successful launch in 2018, this year we aim to offer an even more memorable experience to a larger audience by duplicating with one date in Malta and one in Italy.

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We love to generate joy and memories around the Mediterranean area


(Med stands for Mediterranean)


The Full Moon Med Fest offers a memorable deep experience of the traditional Full Moon Party in a modern twist. We celebrate music, summer, arts, colours, creativity with a simple formula, an event by the sea.


Cooperating with number of local and international promoters, brands, artists, performers, musicians and DJs we give you away the EXPERIENCE


The first edition of the Full Moon Med Fest took place in in 2018 in Malta at Gianpula Village.


Three different stages: The Blue Moon, Full Moon and Black Moon stage. Over 20 between local talents and International DJs headliners (such as Dave Clarke and Pig&Dan, Amotik), over 30 performers, dancers, body painter artists, it was a show!


This is the only fest where people gathered in a strip of beach to party the glow of the moon, only for one day the beach becomes a huge open-air rave.The musical/artistic slant has it owns hardcore on the House Music even though the spectrum of music is wider, new talents DJs, local labels and international headliners will be playing for 10 hours in a row.


At the Full Moon Med Fest you will dance barefoot by the sea dressing your swimsuit and neon colours t-shirts.


It is a whirl of colours, emotions and summer vibes made by a massive Djs line-up, tens of jugglers, fire performers, dancers, actors. Not only, at the full moon med fest you go through the essential of tradition with cocktails served in the traditional Thai buckets and booths of glow-in-the-dark body painters.


In the spirit of the unconventional fest experience , each date of the Full Moon Med Fest has a theme into the theme, so to give the crowd the opportunity to express their wild creativity side dressing up or putting on masks as in a huge summer carnival fest under the moonlight.


At the fest, you can also enjoy a variety of summer activities all day long, chilling areas, and numerous merchant stalls.


The harder core party goers will keep dancing till the earlier hour of the morning All of this will be offered in fantastic locations chosen carefully in the Mediterranean area.


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