Malta and Venue

Malta and Venue

Home of ancient and fascinating civilizations, a crossroads of people and trade routes, a bulwark of fundamental strategic importance at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, an archipelago with enchanting places of naturalistic interest and beaches in which you can get lost and momentarily forget the passing of time, as well as a place of lively nightlife. If you are wondering what place we are talking about, the answer is Malta; an island that shines with the echoes of its history and reflects its current beauty on the blue of the sea that surrounds it.

Here is where the second edition of the Full Moon Med Fest will take place, in the beautiful settings of the 1926 Beach Club – in Sliema, in the eastern part of the island -, the venue offers splendid services including a luxurious outdoor pool, from which you can enjoy crafted wisdom cocktails, while having a breathtaking view from a cliff overlooking the sea. Having a few more days to spend on the island, you could turn here and there starting, for example, from La Valletta, named capital of culture in 2018, leaving you bewitched by the beauty that it exudes from its churches and palaces. Churches and cultural sites are not the only ones to leave visitors breathless, in fact, for those who want to relax in the sun between a dip and another, Malta has to offer a variety of stunning views, including beaches, lagoons and caves.

It seems deserved to mention the Blue Lagoon, in Comino, the Golden Bay and Paradise Bay in Mellieha and the Blue Grotto in Qrendi.
Furthermore, for lovers of military history, we recommend visiting the fort of S. Angelo, an imposing fortress built in Maltese stone, located on a Roman settlement. In short, Malta has nothing to envy to other more popular destinations and for those who were still wondering why
we chose to give life to a festival on this island, We offer you a last but not least reason: the typically Mediterranean temperatures and the gentle weather, which go perfectly with the concept of Full Moon Med Fest. Therefore, in a unique cultural and monumental heritage and rich history, picturesque Mediterranean landscapes envied all over the world, we invite you to consider Malta as a destination to visit, and to take part at the Full Moon Med Fest, giving life to a day of celebration and carefree fun! We look forward to seeing you soon at the Festival!

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