The Full Moon Med Fest sets its self apart from other parties due to the exotic appeal of the jungle party experience.

Installation, magical UV decors, body art, outstanding colors, water features, stunning fire show…

Be ready to see the crowd surrounded by lianas and palmas, jungle flowers and fruit at any step. This is not just a party, but actually a wonderland where the energetic crowd won’t want to miss,  where the wild creatures of the night strut their wild side on the Jungle beach dance floor, play games, and become the essence of the show.

This is clearly why the Full Moon Med Fest is the astonishingly magical experience that your city has never seen before

Manage the whole production (load in – load out) – peace of mind and no hassles to you
Transform your venue into an experience
Provide you with a turnkey event
Furnish: installation, accessories, merchandising, glow paint, Thai buckets and much more
Will promote your event through our official channels
Boost the event and sell your tickets through our international partner ticketing platforms
Support your marketing (dedicated visual designer and social media marketing expert)
Have been in the industry for over 15 years, we are passionate, we love what we do
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