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Will you post set times in advance?

Yes. Set times will be posted in advance – stay tuned on our website and social media channels

What is the best time to arrive?

In order to enjoy the full moon fest at its best you should be arrive by 5 o’clock pm.

What time does the festival end?

3am on Saturday 20th of July

What will the weather be at the festival? How hot during the day?

On average, July is the hottest month of the year in Malta, with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine almost guaranteed every day. For more info see here

What are you doing to ensure my safety at the festival?

Security and member of the staff will be constantly on site to secure and safeguard entrances – emergency exists and the overall developing of the event

Are you hiring workers or volunteers?

Our work team has been already completed – we are now looking for volunteers to make this event even better. Go on the related section of our website and apply if you wish to volunteer for the event!

What age do I have to be?

Minimum age of entry is 17 years, you might be asked to present a valid photo ID upon entry

What do I need to bring to guarantee entry?

Your ticket or wristband if you were already in the venue – no wristband, no entry – no ticket, no entry.

Can I go in and out of the festival with my wristnand ?

Yes, you can.

What happens if I lose my wristband?

If you loose your wristband we cannot guarantee your entrance at the festival


How much are tickets?

Full details on prices can be found in the ticket section of our website

What's included in my festival ticket?

in your ticket is included the entrance for the Full Moon Med Fest for the entire day

How do I receive my ticket?

You will receive your ticket electronically by email if you buy online or you can refer to your close Pr

Can I give my pass to a friend? How?

No, you cannot

I purchased the ticket by mistake/ I can't/won't attend the festival anymore. how can I get my money back?

Unfortunately tickets are not refundable for the above reasons


How do I bring in my medical prescription?

Please bring your medical prescription on hard copy format.

Can I bring drugs with me?

No, drugs are banned from our Full Moon Med Fest. We do not encourage the use of soft and hard drugs during our event. We believe music and friends are the coolest drugs.

Are e-cigs or vape pens allowed?

Yes they are

Can I bring my own drink?

No, drinks can only be purchased inside the venue.There will be a variety of drinks to choose from alcoholic and non alcoholic as well


Where should I stay?

You can find all details in the “Travel” section of our website

I cannot find a Hotel or any Lodging! What can I do?

You can contact our tour operator partner Choice Holidays

Where is the taxi pick-up and drop-off?

It is just outside the venue

Is there any airport transfer service?

Please consult our partner website (festicket)

What currency do I need to bring?

Euro is the currency in Malta


Will there be vegeterian/vegan/gluten free food ?

Yes we will have food stalls offering vegeterian, vegan and gluten free food

Will I be able to find security, if needed?

Yes, security will be on site and avaiable for any queries and circumstances.

Are credit/debit cards accepted? Cash?

Yes major credit cards and cash will be accepted

Will there be a shaded area at the venue?

Yes, we will set shaded areas for our guests to chill and enjoy the music.





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