Tribalism Boys

Tribälism Bøys is the union of “Two” friends born in “Two” different nations… (Germany/Italy) but with the same passion … creating music at their own pleasure! Tribälism Bøys are young artists with 15 years of experience on this field. More than a decade of experience in the big industry of music.

Thanks to their love for music they started working together and with there union, Tribälism Bøys was born… An innovative musical project focused on live music, performace and quality… the quality needed, that leads them to be contacted in parties and festivals around the world, by various famous bands for remixes, signing records and projects also with unknown names.

Tribälism Bøys organize live dj concerts and musical shows performed with exclusive tracks which are produced and mixed by themselfs with the help of their own.

Their music goes from deep house to techno music with electronic and tribal influences.

Latest Tracks:

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